Meshkin Network

Our network’s background reveals our Strength;

Since 1996 till 2008 we were working with DB Schenker’s sister companies (Herber Hausner), Railog Holding and other multinational companies.

  • DB Schenker (2008 till now)
  • Chun Jee ( 1 of  the most famous Korean forwarders)
  • Far Freight( Gebruder Wais network member)
  • Translink
  • Transgerma ( Heavy lift, Projects)
  • IFB
  • Active Spedition, Boltas, NEC

Long-term cooperation with the European well-known international transportation companies, are guaranteed the high standards and performance in MESHKIN.

Meshkin advantages

Meshkin International Transportation Company was  incorporated in Iran in 1967 as:

  • Forwarder, Carrier, Shipping agent and licensed customs broker.
  • Providing  land, sea, air transport , linking
  • international trade world wide.
  • Category of Meshkin is Limited Liability,
  • which is solely owned by DAIE Family.


Mr. Babak Daie is currently ” the Chief  Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board” of Meshkin Co. Ltd.

Meshkin is exclusive partner of DB Schenker network since 2008.

Meshkin Advantages

  1. Around 50 years steady presence in iran’s market.
  2. Experienced with working with first class forwarders/carriers in the world
  3. Technical experise for all transport solutions
  4. Global reputation as a leading international forwarder
  5. Customer oriented company with dedicated and motivated sales personnel
  6. Professional and experienced staff
  7. Highly proactive organization with “Customer Care” as the top priority on every shipment
  8. Strong presence through the nation, Head office in Tehran, branches at main ports and representatives in all borders and customs and main cities.
  9. Customs bond permission.
  10. Member of iran’s FIATA and ITCA
  11. Quality Management certificates
  12. Strong warehousing capabilities in Europe
  13. Holding several quality management certificates

ISO/TS 29001 : 2010

ISO 9001 : 2015

OHSAS 18001 : 2007

ISO 14001 : 2004