DB SCHENKERskybridge

Water and air?

DB SCHENKERskybridge – saving CO2 with ships and aircraft

We want to make transportation even more efficient, and thus more sustainable. That’s why we have set out to develop customized solutions in our talks and consultations with customers that meet their requirements and those of the environment in equal measure.

We have already been able to reduce emissions considerably together with our customers. Keep reading for information about the enormous potential to save CO2 in intermodal transport chains in particular.

Watching out for the environment: speed meets efficiency when air and ocean freight are combined. With DB Schenker you can save CO2 emissions and still operate efficiently – even on global routes. DB SCHENKERskybridge transports your goods partly by plane and partly by ship. This enables us to combine the speed of air freight and the environmental friendliness of ocean freight in one intermodal transport chain. In concrete terms, this means up to a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and lower costs than a pure air freight transport chain.

The perfect connection to the world market

DB SCHENKERskybridge is suitable for all main routes between Asia and Europe or Latin America. For example, on the route from Hong Kong to Frankfurt we first transport your freight by ship to Dubai where it is then reloaded and transported on to Europe by plane. We can also fly it from Frankfurt directly to Hong Kong and then ship it to one of seven seaports in Australia and New Zealand.
DB SCHENKERskybridge unites economic efficiency and ecological responsibility since combining ship and air transport cuts CO2 emissions considerably. It also cuts costs roughly in half compared to air freight alone.

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