Eco Charter

Clean air freight

Our tried and tested concepts for air freight

The environment is playing an increasingly important role at DB Schenker. That’s why our climate protection efforts begin even before transportation – when we speak with and advise our customers.

In this way we have been able to work with many of our customers to reduce emissions considerably in the past. Keep reading to find out how we can work together to cut CO2 emissions in air freight as well.

Modern technology protects the environment

The DB Schenker network makes use of aircraft belonging to leading carriers, which means we have access to the world´s most efficient fleets. Thanks to its gateway concept in Europe, DB Schenker enables feeder transports with no air freight component. Short flights generally emit 1,000 to 2,000 g/tkm CO2, more than twice the emissions of long-haul flights. Preventing them is essential, especially when truck transports can provide the same services, in other words, on the European and North American continents in particular. Over 90 percent of the emissions caused by airplanes can be avoided on these routes. Many shippers still have a high carbon footprint despite a low percentage of air freight volume because the emission factor is ten to fifty times as high. Every kilometer saved and every percentage point of additional efficiency counts, especially the use of the newest generation of aircraft. The new B777F freighter, for example, uses up to 20 percent less fuel per unit transported. The combination of shifting to modern aircraft, reducing packaging and optimizing routes can cut emissions by 30 to 50 percent per transport.

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