Eco OceanLane

Less emissions on every ocean

Our tried and tested services for sustainable ocean freight

Perfectly coordinated transport routes improve efficiency and protect the environment. We have been able to work with many of our customers to reduce emissions considerably in the past.

And in the future, climate protection will continue to begin before the actual transport. In our discussions and consultations with customers, we find routes to make transports on the high seas even greener.

Using the size advantage to reduce speed

As in rail freight, greenhouse gas emissions per unit transported by ocean freight are low. Therefore, how pre-carriage and onward carriage are organized is especially important, particularly when these legs are long. Rail and inland vessel transports in the hinterland can reduce emissions by as much as 75 percent compared to truck transport. Savings are especially high on routes longer than 1,000 kilometers when truck emissions catch up to or even exceed emissions from shipping. It is then that overall savings approach the 50percent mark.

But savings from selecting the right route should not be underestimated either. A shipment to Asia that begins in Hamburg is roughly 20 percent longer than one that begins in Trieste. Shortening the route definitely pays off for transports originating in southern Germany or the Czech Republic.

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