Healthy solutions for the healthcare industry

The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. We take this responsibility seriously, so we developed industry-specific solutions to ensure that your sensitive freight is delivered safely, securely and on time – worldwide.

Companies in the healthcare sector are confronted with a constantly changing environment. With our innovative and integrated solutions, we can react flexibly to all requirements from pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as medical device manufacturers.

Damaged products or medicines not maintained within required temperature ranges can quickly cause life-threatening situations, thus reliability is crucial in this sector. Together with you, we will develop a supply chain solution that ensures that time- and temperature sensitive products reach their destination safely. We ensure the integrity of the product with special handling and monitoring when dealing with sensitive goods, including complete traceability of shipments, closed cold chain solutions for biological drugs and compliance with all legal regulations. We also set up quality management systems and apply industry standards such as GDP or USP 1079.

Our global network integrates air, ocean and land transport as well as contract logistics, so we can react immediately to any change in your distribution needs and market channels to offer you customized and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for your supply chain. We can ensure your product launches are globally successful. We also have the ability to manage your commodities supply via rail or any other transport mode that will bring value to your business.

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