At work for the global retail industry

The world of retail spins fast. Short life cycles and dramatic seasonal variations place extremely high demands on logistics requirements. Our global network ensures that you can always respond immediately to any new challenge.

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key factors that the retail industry expects from logistics providers. When high demand for a product creates a rush order, DB Schenker’s global network can expedite your goods from any area of the world directly to your customer. This is why we work with you to develop a flexible supply management system that leaves you always ready to respond to new market requirements.

Take advantage of our global network for air, ocean, land and rail freight for reliable, on-schedule distribution to retailers or end customers. We guarantee transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes for anyone using our services. Furthermore, we ensure that your supply chain is supported with tagging and quality checks and stand ready as your partner in establishing an e-commerce distribution network. We also assist with your commoditization needs: by establishing an international network, we make it possible to successfully market a product that is still unknown on a global scale.

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