Semicon / Solar

New power for an innovative industry

The semiconductor and solar industry is a forward looking industry characterized by the permanent development of its technologies. With flexible and comprehensive logistics solutions we provide you with multi-faceted support to expand in a global market place.

The industry’s most important demand on logistics services is cost efficiency and supply chain optimization. We provide customized solutions to ensure that you can react quickly to short innovation cycles and constantly changing demands in your supply chain.

For over 15 years, we have been working with most OEMs and suppliers in the semiconductor and solar market. Thanks to this extensive experience we can offer you complex and reliable logistics solutions that are exactly tailored to your needs. You benefit from the responsible handling of your sensitive products, consistent performance level, and a global network of logistics experts.

With a wide range of services supporting every aspect of your production process we enable you to take the lead in your core competence and to operate with maximum efficiency along the entire value chain. Collaborating with manufacturers, suppliers, and their customers, creates comprehensive logistics solutions for your long-term market success.

Our established services for companies from the semiconductor and solar industry cover all aspects of logistics by connecting the whole range of transportation modes: From classical transportation management through production supply and value added services such as crating or quality inspections to optimizing the entire supply chain – from equipment logistics to spare parts and after sales services. We also ensure the security of your shipments with end-to-end visibility solutions and the highest degree of safety standards.

As a leading supplier of integrated logistics services we offer complete solutions from a single source.

Our new industry solution „DBSCHENKERpvchain” offers the seamless integration of optimized quality testing throughout the solar supply chain on a world wide level.

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