Information about the shipment flow

Full transparency from door to door

The DB Schenker online tracking system enables you to track your shipments across Europe.

We offer transparency about your shipment’s status from door to door by individual reference numbers: Where the consignment currently is, when it will arrive at the destination – DB Schenker’s tracking module gives reliable answers to these questions and provides various other details. The DB Schenker online tracking system enables customers to track their shipments by an individual reference number.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Overview of all shipments scheduled for shipping within the specified time period
  • Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), available in many destination countries

On top, you can use DB Schenker’s advanced tracking application with much more functionalities, if you have been provided with an access password by your local DB Schenker office.

The system offers great transparency throughout the whole transport chain – from consignor to  consignee, and thus enables quick and flexible reaction in case of time-critical incidents.

This allows high planning certainty for the shipments since virtually all reach their destination without delay, but also for the small number of – sometimes – critical shipments that are part of key supply chains. In such cases, early information as provided with our Tracking system can support to avoid problems and find alternative solutions.

Linked to the DB Schenker Scheduler, the tracking system’s KPI feature (Key Performance Indicator) enables selected customers to cross-check the delivery performance for their shipments against the scheduled targets. The delivery KPI feature covers all cross-border shipments in Europe as well as national shipments in selected countries.

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