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This is DB SCHENKERleadlogistics.

Being an experienced Lead Logistics provider and by using state of the art optimising tools, our professional Lead Logistics engineers will bring you customised and competitive transport and logistics solutions for your complete supply chain.

Lead Logistics is DB Schenker’s collective name for 4PL, LLP, Freight Management, Transport Management and Supply Chain Solutions.

The expression Lead Logistics is used in many ways but has in common with 4PL and Freight Management that the provider is managing several, often many, external operators such as the sub contractors. The purpose is to combine the most competitive and the best out of each. By doing so we can create and manage the best logistical set up for the customer.

A Lead Logistics setup addresses cost optimisation, allows selection of the top service providers by lane/capability and provides sufficient capacity by drawing from a broad set of providers.

The lead logistics provider acts as a single point of contact and a one-stop shop, while accessing the skills, capacity and cost advantage of the many service providers available on the market.

Regional Lead Logistics

Europe, Asia and US have market structures that are divergent due to culture, geography, politics and business practices, requiring capabilities in a lead logistics provider that reflect regional requirements. For example the complexity of cross-border logistics in Europe and in Asia requires different lead logistics services as compared to the mature, homogeneous US market.

DB Schenker Lead Logistics recognizes all these differences by adapting our services regionally through our three competency centers – Lead Logistics Europe, Lead Logistics Americas and Lead Logistics Asia Pacific.

Although adapted locally, the DB Schenker Lead Logistics services are globally integrated through a visibility layer, offering our customers a global transparency on their international transportations and inventories within warehouses and cross dock facilities.

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