Lead Logistics Americas

DB Schenker Lead Logistics Americas

The reliable partner you need!

Present both in North and South America, DB Schenker is offering you the best combination of intimate knowledge of local practices and global capabilities.

Americas is a very versatile region with a mature and homogeneous North America logistics market and the South America emerging markets experiencing rapid growth but at the same time many logistics challenges as well.

The geographical extent and the relative homogeneity of the North American market is making companies searching for economies of scale in their distribution chain, both in transportation and warehousing activities. A reliable partner is needed to optimize the utilization of your existing North American ground transportation network of carriers, combining your international shipments with domestic ones, and at the same time offer visibility and control of your supply chain.

On the other hand, laws and regulations, cultural differences and complicated tax regimes of the South America’s emerging markets create a great challenge for companies doing business with or within those markets. A reliable partner is needed to have a good knowledge of the market and assist with selecting, measuring and managing the local carriers and the third party logistics service providers.

DB Schenker Lead Logistics Americas is the reliable partner you need! We are your single point of contact to properly integrate and manage your myriad outsourcing partnerships, to improve the efficiency of your freight distribution and to better control your supply chain.

We bring you the global player with strong local knowledge! Our presence in the emerging markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil offers you the best combination of intimate knowledge of local practices and our global capabilities.

DB Schenker’s worldwide integrated multi-modal transportation network, strategic global warehousing and hub facilities, global supply chain information technology systems and visibility tools , our expertise on the latest global trade regulations and free trade agreement lead to administration and transportation cost savings, increased flexibility and better inventory velocity in your supply chain!

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