Fresh delivery of your sensitive goods

Ocean freight service for fresh and sensitive goods

With DB SCHENKERreefer we offer door-to-door solutions for sensitive goods which require special atmospheric conditions along the entire transport chain.

Thanks to our global expert network, DB Schenker is able to respond to your individual requirements to make sure your sensitive goods get to their destination as cold, as fresh, as ventilated, as dry and as well-tempered as required.


  • Ensures quality handling on all trade lanes with reliable transit times
  • Global availability of capacity and environmentally friendly equipment
  • Complete transport chain for: Electronics, Healthcare (Diagnostics), Perishables (Dairy Products, Fish, Seafood, Fresh Produce, Meat & Poultry), High Value Goods, Pharmaceticals
  • Careful visibility and monitoring throughout the entire transport chain with specialty solutions (DB SCHENKERsmartbox)

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Global network of dedicated industry specialists
  • Flexible sailing options to meet transit needs
  • Door-to-door solutions including customs expertise/services
  • State of the art temperature controlled visibility
  • Capacity during high seasons
  • High quality ocean carrier program
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